3 Steps, from 30 Minutes, Look and Feel Radiant

Get the best skin of your life

Hydrafacial is a technology-driven rejuvenating skin treatment that delivers instantly noticeable results with less treatment time. It promises to deliver long term skin health and can cater to the specific needs of all skin types. Hydrafacial removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while at the same time enriching the skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums. Your therapist will cater your Hydrafacial to your specific needs and skin concerns, making it work for you.

€150 per treatment

€50 to add booster

Every Hydrafacial consists of these three simple steps – but offers endless ways to personalise based on your skin goals

1. Cleanse

Deeply cleanse and soften skin to help loosen dead skin cells and prep for extractions

2. Extract

Remove congestion from pores with painless suction

3. Hydrate

Saturate the skin’s surface with intense moisturizers and nourishing peptides

What is the Hydrafacial?

A Hydrafacial is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes a comprehensive approach to skincare, incorporating multiple steps within a single session. This non-invasive treatment involves a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. By addressing various skin concerns simultaneously, a Hydrafacial aims to deliver optimal results in a convenient and efficient manner.

Who is this treatment not suitable for?

Unfortunately, because of the active nature of the ingredients used in this treatment, the Hydrafacial is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.It’s also not suitable for –

  • Diabetics
  • People with allergies to shellfish
  • People with allergies to honey
  • People with lactic acid sensitivities
  • Patients currently undertaking cancer treatment
  • People on certain medications (blood thinners and accutane in particular)
  • People with active or recent cold sores
  • People who have had a facial injectable treatment in the previous 2 weeks.